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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Hi Catherine,
Just looked at the current trials and everything looks great so far. I've been so impressed with how responsive and on top of it you have been. I really appreciate it. This has not been our experience in the past.
Thank you!"
Cary Cortes
Site Relations
Accurate Clinical Trials
Kissimmee, FL
Working with Catherine and Clobeca Web Design was easy and professional. They created exactly the web page I had hoped for. The best thing about Catherine is that she listened carefully to what I wanted, then offered her opinion and artistic eye. I highly recommend anyone needing a professional well functioning web page to consider Clobeca Web Design.
Eileen Behan, RD, Registered Dietician, Rye, NH
Author of Nutritional Book
The website looks great!..I'm really thrilled with how you designed the pages and made everything work. Everyone I've shared this with is also very impressed by how professional the site looks, and how well it functions. I appreciate everything you have done to get it running.
Allison Tanner, Ph.D., Portsmouth, NH
Owner, Inventive Technology Consultants
You did an outstanding job on the web site. It is beautiful, functional, and professional. I appreciate your creativity, professionalism, and speed in doing this project.
Martha Birnbaum, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA
Owner, Martha Birnbaum Consulting

We came back! After the launch of our reconstructed website by Clobeca in February 2008 we were uniformly impressed by, as well as grateful for, the accessible and consistent support that Peter and Catherine gave us. Our business focus is the restoration of antique and vintage BMW motorcycles and not our website, but our website, nevertheless, is important to our business. The website that Clobeca established for us has proved itself to be very easily maintained by us and anytime we have a question regarding it, the Clobeca team is there to answer it for us.

Over the past several years, we have been working on a book, “The Barrington Motor Works BMW /2 Restoration and Service Manual, a guide for the BMW /2 Owner/Restorer”. During the pre-publication phase of that project, we sold pre-publication copies of the book through our website, accepting checks and money orders for those purchases. Once the book was published, we turned to Peter and Catherine again to make the needed modifications of our website to allow purchasers of the book to make their purchases directly through the website using PayPal. This immediately proved to be a successful move with a flood of orders.

We were surprised, however by the volume of international sales. Again, we returned to Peter and Catherine, this time asking them to provide us with a PayPal capability to allow customers to purchase our manual and allow for several different shipping costs. The team at Clobeca made that change within hours of the request and, within hours of that, international purchasers were using that functionality.

It has been a real pleasure to be able to focus on what is the core of our business and be able to rely with total confidence on the skills and capabilities of Peter and Catherine Alcivar of Clobeca.

Christopher and Barbara Betjemann, Barrington, NH
Owner, Barrington Motor Works, LLC
When we outgrew our do-it-yourself website we considered doing-it-again-ourselves. But upon careful thought and consideration as well as the investigation of the cost and steep learning curve of the necessary software to do our own website again we realized it was time to call in the professionals. We were fortunate to find Peter and Catherine Alcivar of Clobeca Web Design in Dover, NH. Although we knew we wanted professionals to do the heavy lifting we still had many of our own ideas of what we wanted in our new website. Peter and Catherine patiently sat and listened to our thoughts, made suggestions, explained to us the process and then delivered the goods in a timely and professional fashion. The resultant website is exactly what we wanted and has proved to be a real asset to our business. The new website has given us national and international exposure and business. We are delighted to be able to call upon the Clobeca team for support long after the completion of the website.”.
Christopher and Barbara Betjemann, Barrington, NH
Owner, Barrington Motor Works, LLC