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Website Design Portfolio

Website Design Gallery

Browse through the above gallery, which showcases some of our website design work for our clients in Portsmouth NH, Rochester NH, Bethesda MD, Seminole FL, South Portland ME, Cambridge MA.

Please visit our Clients page to view a list of some of our clients and links to their websites that we've worked on. These are projects involving both front-end design and back-end web application development.

We do not display our web design and web development work that we do as a subcontractor to other web design consulting companies. However, we would be glad to show you some of our work if you are looking for a web site relating to a particular industry. Please send us a request.

Example of our Website Redesign Work

Our client, the Saul Plumbing & Design, Inc in Seminole, FL wanted to have his business website revamped.

Click the "After Site Redesign" snapshot photo to view the new website. It Is the result of our efforts in restructuring and reorganizing the site to make it user-friendly, easy to browse and navigate while giving it a new look and feel that is professional and really identifies the company brand and its plumbing and home renovation services.

Before Site Redesign

before site redesign

After Site Redesign

after screenshot of website


Logo Design

We also do logo design as an additional service. The logo images below are copyright to the respective owners.

logo designed by CLOBECA

Here's a list of some of the industries that we've worked on.

financial advisors  •  human resource companies  •  nutritionists  •  health professionals  •  educators  •  insurance brokers  •  dance studio owners  •  construction project research firms  •  vintage motorcycle restorer  •  air purification services  •  concert pianist  •  acupuncturists  •  bath and body retailers  •  hazardous material recycling firm  •  book sellers  •  authors  •  mental health counselor  •  photographers  •  photo restorer  •  real estate broker  •  natural herb retailer  • web design consultant  •  marketing specialist  •  optometrist  • business networking organizations